Weighing In On Weighing In

Weighing in? Yes or no? If you ARE going to do it you need to be warned about digital scales. Then there’s water? There’s a meeting in the lady’s room! A look at how the first days of a new eating plan make you feel. If you’re listening to the podcast you NEED to check out the Fork Off Facebook Group for seriously funny support.

Rebecca’s Easy, Healthy, Instant Pot Lemon Butt Chicken

  1. Get an Instant Pot
  2. Get a whole chicken
  3. Scoop whatever that bag of stuff is out of the cavity. (ew, cavity)
  4. Shove half a lemon and half an onion up the chicken butt.
  5. Pressure Cook for 25 Minutes
  6. Manual vent for 25 Minutes
  7. Carefully remove the whole chicken. This is hard. Like getting it out of the Instant Pot is STUPID hard.
  8. Serve with the satisfaction that chicken is light, juicy, and maybe potatoes.


  1. This podcast is exactly what a 50+ year old woman needs to listen too! The talk is real, just as the weight loss struggle is real. The humor helps take the frustration out of trying to be healthier and fitter – because this journey is truly one step forward – two steps back.
    I appreciate the honest conversations and LOVE the humor – I look forward to each new pod cast and listen while on the treadmill

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