Numbers Are Just Data

I did it. I stepped on the scale. I was armed with the idea that this was science. That this was data. That you can’t know where you’re going or how far you’ve come unless you know where you start. So I did it. I did it after two weeks of eating like an absolute a**hole. You know what I mean? Every cookie, candy, ham, cheesy potato, and candy found its way to me.

So there. I know the number. Yippee. While I believe numbers aren’t inherently evil they can be triggering to some. They can set you off. I’m trying NOT to be triggered into the “oh heck with it – what’s one more cookie” mode. This is just information. It’s math. Then I remember, oh yeah, I hate math.

Use what you know about yourself. Do numbers motivate you? Or do they make you feel things are impossible? I suspect that avoiding the numbers are why they are so high in my case. But for you, it might be different. You’ve done this before, we all have, decide how you’re going to deal with your numbers and then deal with them.

So yeah, while numbers ARE just data and they aren’t good or evil they can piss you right off.

And here’s a tip – seriously – don’t just use the scale numbers. Measure yourself. Inches change for me more than scale numbers and it is VERY motivating. So if you’re going to get some numbers. Get them all. Don’t let the scale be the boss number. Measurements show how your muscles are building! And that my friends is the whole ballgame!

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