The Nordic Diet and Obscene Quinoa

WE’VE HIT FIVE DIETS! It’s not even February peeps.

This week a look at the Nordic Diet. And here’s a link to a book if you’re looking for in depth info. The Nordic Way: Discover The World’s Most Perfect Carb-to-Protein Ratio for Preventing Weight Gain or Regain, and Lowering Your Risk of Disease

New research on brain structure and obesity. The study of semophorins.

Instant Pot Weight Watcher ZERO POINT Taco Soup

Rebecca Recommends the following Intermittent Fasting Resources (The Fork Off Show is an Amazon Affiliate and will receive a small commission on anything you purchase. This does not affect your pricing.)

The Obesity Code – To learn the science behind fasting.

Delay Don’t Deny – To learn ways to implement the lifestyle.

Blog Journey of a new Intermittent Faster (Click link to go to blog)

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